About AnnMade® Soap

While searching for the perfectly pure and natural solution to her daughters' eczema instead of using the potentially harmful cortisone creams prescribed by doctors, AnnMade® Soaps founder Ann Post explored new alternatives, hoping to find a product that was equal parts nourishing, soothing and natural. She experimented with her own recipes and her newfound solution became an inspiration to focus on bath and body products made with naturally derived, plant and flower based ingredients. She created her own handmade soaps and body products, transforming her studio into an apothecary of sensory bliss.

At AnnMade® Soap, we are dedicated to making our handmade products with organic, natural ingredients free of any “junk” that could be harmful to your skin.

From it's conception to the final product, each creation is prepared and packaged by hand at AnnMades soap studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Whether you are looking to nourish, cleanse, or exfoliate your skin, You're sure to find the perfect way to make your daily routine just a little better than the last.